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Shave Oil
ALL NATURAL - healing moisturising Used for blade shave/or use after electric shave for sensitive..
Ex Tax: $14.55
Sleep-Ezi Oil Blend
Assists with relif of sleeplessness, insomnia and anxiety!  Use direct on temples and/or soles ..
Ex Tax: $12.73
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Spearmint Essential Oil
Reviving, clearing, milder form of peppermint ..
Ex Tax: $10.91
Tea Tree Essential Oil
Helps acne, insectbites, head lice, antiseptic ..
Ex Tax: $10.91
Thyme Essential Oil
Healing, cold relief, dermatitis, eczema ..
Ex Tax: $11.82
Vanilla Essential Oil
(3% Jojoba) soft, sensual aroma ..
Ex Tax: $12.73
Vetiver Essential Oil
Earthly aroma, assists with anxiety and trauma ..
Ex Tax: $17.27
Ylang Ylang Essential Oil
Sensual, stress, insomnia, aphrodisiac ..
Ex Tax: $15.45